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Metathesis of the Analogue with Anamorphic Portrait of Elgar, Oil
Cornish Surrealist painter, writer and composer, and Arts Correspondent for Cornwall World Radio.

Coudrille started his career in the 1960s as a political satirist, song-writer and performer on Westward Television and was often heard on BBC Radio 4 'Jack de Manio's Today'. While still commuting to Cornwall to paint, he spent a spell in Rome making movie music. Back home, he spent time at the British Museum researching ancient instruments. This was intended as groundwork for his Atlantis Choral Phantasy. His close collaborator on this was the late Biblical Music authority Wallace Madge. Coudrille also produced the minutely accurate and detailed illustrations for his definitive book on the subject. All this was somehow squeezed into Coudrille's life "on the road" as a professional musician.

This breathtaking schedule was (literally) knocked on the head in 1972 by a serious road accident. Unable to play or travel, he wrote and illustrated "as occupational therapy" the remarkable psychographic alphabet book A Beastly Collection, published by Frederick Warne in 1974. This extraordinary book was widely praised by critics. Indeed, it could be said to be the first truly surreal children's book. Copies are now much sought after as collector's items. It was, and still is, a beautiful work of genius.
A Beastly Collection was soon followed by a number of colourful and enthusiastically received children's books for the innovative G. Whizzard imprint, including the best selling Farmer Fisher. This was the first picture book on the British market to incorporate a record. Coudrille wrote, produced, sang and played most of the instruments on this record. The book was chosen as Children's Book of The Year.

Coudrille then returned to serious music which he has performed throughout much of the world; compositions include the many themes for the first 'Get This' series (Southern Television 1970s) and his highly acclaimed Cabelletta Suite for the Spanish guitar was premiered in concert with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall in 1988.

A recipient of the Melody Maker top soloist award, he now writes for and performs with his jazz-slanted, Cornish, semi-acoustic band Gwelhellin Goth (myspace.com/gwelhellin) and the Russian folk-music duo 'Muzika Muzikantov'. Coudrille is an honorary member of the Arts Club and a member of the Society of Authors and was elected Academician of the South West Academy. He has work in private collections in Bombay, Stuttgart, New York, Hollywood, Johannesburg, London, Strasbourg and Moscow. Paintings and further information may be viewed on the artist's web site:

Metathesis of the Analogue with
Anamorphic Portrait of Elgar
Metathesis One
Metathesis Two
The Mole-Catcher's Daughter
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