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Chinese Lanterns, Freestyle Embroidery
I recently moved to Devon after living for fifty years in Worcestershire. I have no formal art background but even as a small child loved gardens and wildlife and spending many hours roaming freely. As I grew up I longed to express my passions in some way. Marriage and children came along and inevitably, life was full and busy.

However, the longing for artistic expression would not be ignored. I built many beautiful real gardens after many house moves – eventually becoming unable to do so as worsening arthritis took over. Still, the need to create would not go away. I had acquired basic needle skills from my mother and joined a needlework group. This satisfied the inner voice and taught me many more skills. Seeking still greater avenues of expression I arrived at my present style with some years of experimentation.

I sit at my old work horse of a sewing machine and lose myself entirely whilst doing so. Not always planning pieces in advance, they often escape from me anyway and have a mind of their own. I am not always sure who is in charge!

Serendipity produces images bringing me emotional memories of people and places long treasured. Viewers of my pictures often have an emotional response, which can take them by surprise – itself for me a reward for my own passions.

Chinese Lanterns,
Freestyle Embroidery
Old Master Vinyard,
Freestyle Embroidery
Over the Stile
Freestyle Embroidery
Silver Birches
Freestyle Embroidery
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