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In the fifteen years since the foundation of the Academy in 2000 there has never been a stronger or more diverse group of Academicians than that which exists today. With the resources drawn from this wealth of talent, ranging from the first Academicians with established positions to new young practitioners considered exceptional in their field, the Academy is rightly confident in its ability to make a substantial contribution to the Fine and Applied Arts in the South West. The Academy is truly grateful to all Trustees and Academicians who freely provide their time and expertise without reward. Their selfless and dedicated help is vital to the Academy's continued growth.

Alan Cotton, founder and former President, remains closely in touch with the Trustees. As President Emeritus he remains close to the heart of the Academy's operations. Special mention must also be made of our former Chairman Jed Falby, whose extraordinary commitment over a number of years ensured the continuation of the Academy. The Academy is also grateful to all the other long-term Academicians, whose work and continuing support is invaluable as we move into the next decade of consolidation and growth.
The Board of Trustees (sometimes known as Directors) has the executive authority for the day-to-day running and strategic direction of the Academy under the leadership of the Chair, Robert Mountjoy and supported by the Executive Director, Chris Mitchell. As well as fulfilling the statutory duties associated with the Academy's charitable company status, each Trustee takes responsibility for leading on one or more aspects of the Academy's work, for example, financial management, publicity, fundraising, exhibition organisation, artist talks, media management. From time to time, volunteer Academicians form into sub-committees to manage major events such as the Open Show.
Alan Bourne Simon Butler Ken Cosgrove
Alan Cotton Phil Creek
Kelly Eva Chris Mitchell
(Executive Director)
Robert Mountjoy David Norman
Jan Phethean
Martin Procter
Jenny Pymont Greg Ramsden Ann L Roe (Jones)
Annie Ward
Heartfelt thanks must also be extended to our prestigious group of Honorary Academicians for their most important endorsement of our mission and practical help.

Anne Aggett
Sir Peter Blake
Alan Cotton
Phil Creek
Jed Falby
Judy Hempstead
Ken Howard
John Hurford
Vin Jelly
Peter Randall-Page
Ann L Roe (Jones)
Chrissie Wilson

Clicking on the names below will take you to pages dedicated to the work and achievements of individual Academicians. We welcome you to our family and invite you to enjoy here a small insight into the strengths of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts.
Kate Aggett
Colin Allbrook
June Arnold
Simon Ashby
Ray Balkwill
Claire Barnett
Alan Bourne
David Brooke
Rupert Brooks
Lar Cann
Michael Carter
Philip Clayton
Ken Cosgrove
Jonathon Coudrille
Judith Cummings
Jo Dixon
Martin Dutton
Mark Fielding
Sonia Fynn
Mary Gillett
John Hammond
Sean Hewitt
Jane Hodgson
Zoe Hyde
Alexandra Jacobs
Judith Jones
Laurel Keeley
Carolyn King
Sally Lancaster
James Lester
Sue Luxton
Peter Mallison
Gregory Mason
Wendy McBride
Karen McEndoo
Janet Mitchell
Robert Mountjoy
Clark Nicol
David Norman
Michael Norman
Jenny Pery
Charlie O'Sullivan
Nicholas Papatzaneteas
Jan Phethean
Martin Procter
Jenny Pymont
Greg Ramsden
Ann L. Roe (Jones)
Chris Sampson
Sheila Stafford
Keith Stott
James Tatum
Richard Thorn
Annie Ward
Tony Williams
Sarah Woolfenden
Paula Youens

Associate Academicians
Laurence Belbin
Ashton Chadwick
Debbie Coles
Joanna Commings
Isabel Coulton
Stephen Henderson
Matt Hoile
Alan Humphries
Anita Hunt
Shirley Kirkcaldy
Steve Manning
Marie Noelle-Davies
Chris Pitman
Helen Ridehalgh
Alan Ridley
Jo Vollers
Past Academicians
Robert Clements Mary Fedden Rose Hilton Tracy Whitbread

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