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Peter Mallison: The Academicians Exhibition 2012
Wednesday, December 14 2011
The Academicians Exhibition 2012 will be shown at the Gloss Gallery, Exeter, from 14th April - 4th May. The full entry details will be emailed to individual Academicians later.

Ray Balkwill: Christmas Exhibition
Wednesday, October 5 2011
Ray Balkwill's Annual Christmas Exhibition in his Studio Gallery is this year entitled Under Western Skies and features new paintings from his recent travels in Southwest Ireland and Cornwall, as well as scenes of the Exe Estuary for which he is perhaps best known. His dialogue with skies and water still dominate his work and it is a subject that continually inspires him.

The exhibition also features ceramics by Andy Morley. Inspiration for his ceramics is derived from the Devon and Cornish landscapes. More recently the rough and rugged seascapes of the Southwest of Ireland have been a considerable influence. His 2011 ceramics seek to combine the story telling tradition of the Iveragh Peninsula with the rocky southwest coast of Ireland.

Recent Paintings from Co. Kerry to Cornwall
by Ray Balkwill, SWAc.
Ceramics by Andy Morley.
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December. 10am - 5pm.
Exhibition then runs throughout December but by appointment only.
For invitation to the Preview please contact:
Ray Balkwill, Studio Gallery, Thistledown, Marley Road, Exmouth, EX8 4PP
Telephone: 01395 270278


Cill Rialaig Oratory II, Ceramic by Andy Morley
Ann Jones: Introduction and Welcome!
Saturday, August 6 2011
The Private View of our Academicians' Exhibition was held in June 2011 at the excellent Gloss Gallery in Barnfield Crescent in Exeter. The exhibition attracted many favourable comments and sales from the visiting art enthusiasts.

Our thanks to Francesca Dawson of the Gallery and our own Peter Mallison for their skill and hard work in putting this exhibition together.

A corner of the 2011 SWAc Academicians' Show

Our thanks to all those SWAc members who have submitted news for inclusion in this website. Keep this information coming in and include dates of your own exhibitions and any further snippets of art information that you think might be of interest to our members. We are indebted to Tom Fynn for this new and exciting website. It is a thoroughly professional job and mirrors the standards of excellence that the Academy strives to attain. Thank you Tom from us all.

Although we will no longer be running the Young Artists'/Schools' Exhibitions (we did have eight hugely successful years), there are plans afoot to involve the younger generation of artists in the future. Watch this space!

Alan Fynn has been managing our finances with his own deft and magical touch, with the aim of placing the Academy on a sound and lasting financial footing. The future looks promising. Our thanks to Alan and Sonia Fynn for this stalwart and positive effort and of course to our excellent administrator Penny Keen for all of the hard 'behind the scenes' work.
Peter Mallison: Help needed with set up/hanging
Exeter Castle, Open Exhibition

Saturday, August 6 2011
Volunteers required for the set up/hanging on Tuesday 11th October. The handing in of work starts at 9am but we aim to begin hanging at around 11am and hopefully finish late afternoon. Volunteers also required for the take down/hand back on Friday 21st October starting at 9am and finish by 1pm.

Please contact me if you will be able to assist:
Ann Jones: Help needed with stewarding!
Tuesday, August 2 2011
We need your offers of help with the stewarding of the Open Exhibition at the Castle Exeter from Thursday 13th October to Thursday 20th October 2011.

There will be two sessions per day, morning 10am to 1pm and afternoon 1pm to 5pm. We need at least two people per session.

Please email or telephone me as soon as possible with your dates and times. Many hands make light work! Your support is invaluable.

Ann Jones (Ann L Roe) 01297 552422
Annie Field: Exhibitions
Tuesday, August 2 2011
Annie Field will be exhibiting paintings and sculpture at the Quartz exhibition in Taunton in early October, the Doddiscombsleigh Art Show from the 27th-30th October, and then the Cricket Fine Art Gallery (2 Park Walk, London SW10 0AD), which will represent some of her sculptures, is having a mixed show in November.
Alan Cotton: Alan's trek to Everest wrecked by Chinese Police
Tuesday, August 2 2011
Invited by explorer David Hempleman-Adams to travel as expedition artist to Everest Advanced Base Camp, Alan Cotton and his son Robin, who accompanied him, had been in training for over six months. All the gear had been purchased, the vaccinations completed and on the 27th April 2011 they flew off to Kathmandu. Alan takes up the story...

This was to be a long standing ambition for me to paint in high mountains. Robin and I both felt very fit and ready to face anything the tour might throw at us. After several days acclimatising in Kathmandu we flew on to Lhasa, the home of the Dali Llamas and then on up to Shigatse and Shigar, stopping to acclimatise to the altitude at each stage. Finally we reached Thringi our last stop before travelling to the Rongbuk Monastery ready for our trek to Base Camp. On our way through to Tibet we had been warned about the dangers of altitude sickness, the need to avoid any uncooked food and drink only sealed bottled water, but we had had no problems whatsoever and were both feeling really good. What we could never have anticipated however is what would happen in the next twenty four hours.

Everest! (picture not taken by Alan Cotton...)

On the morning of Thursday 5th May we did a trek to 15,000ft with no problems and that night went to bed very excited at the thought of travelling on to Rongbuk Monastery at 17,000ft, from where we would trek to the first Expedition Base Camp. We were both fast asleep when at around 1am we were awoken by a hammering on the door. We opened it to find nine police officers, who came aggressively into our room. They emptied all our bags, and searched every item - even flicking through packets of tissues and examining the seams of garments. They took our cameras and looked at every image. All this time they were videoing us and taking still photos. We tried to ask why they were doing this, but were not allowed to ask questions. Next door was an American lady who was more confrontational, she was pushed around, had her laptop scrutinised and ended up in tears. They finally left, but we had little sleep that night.

Next morning we were told that the road to the monastery was closed as there had been an avalanche during the night. This we knew to be untrue because a vehicle had travelled down from the monastery that morning. It wasn't until later that day we discovered that a group of Americans had staged a protest at Rongbuk, with flags and banners, to mark 60 years of the Chinese occupation of Tibet. This had brought about a massive influx of both the military and police and it is certain that our night raid was to check for any inflammatory material to see if we had been part of that group. Although it would have been obvious following the search that we were not, we were nevertheless not allowed to travel anywhere by vehicle and watched closely as we walked around the town. We were advised by our team leader not to phone or send text messages with any of this information as they might well be intercepted. It was also suggested that our rooms could have been bugged. We were later told that the road could be closed for the next ten to fourteen days but there was no guarantee that the route would be opened then.

The utter frustration of getting so close and knowing that had we been one day earlier we would have been through the pass and at Base Camp was hard to bear. We had much discussion and advice, but our guides were adamant that we needed to leave Tibet, so we had to pack our bags and make our way back down to the border with Nepal at Freedom (how ironic!) Bridge. All the way down we were stopped at road blocks to have our documents scrutinised and at Freedom Bridge it took almost four hours to get through the Police Check Point - once more all our luggage being searched and camera ../images/ checked. The American lady again had her laptop examined and was body searched.

The team of climbers, lead by David Hempleman-Adams, were ahead of us, already at Advanced Base Camp and had been to the North Col, to acclimatise for the final ascent to the summit. David had made the trip down to the first Base Camp to meet us only to be told that we had been prevented from making the trek to Base Camp and that we were now back in Nepal. In an attempt to compensate, David phoned down to Kathmandu and arranged for us to have a flight in a small aircraft around Everest. Kind thought, but it was little compensation, because the pilot was not allowed to fly over the Chinese Territory of Tibet, so we only glimpsed the Himalayan Range from a great distance.

David and his team hope to make their attempt on the summit on the 18th May, so we wish them luck.

Back home in Devon I am still trying to come to terms with having prepared for so long, travelled so far and got so close, but - through no fault of my own - having not made it to Everest and having no drawings or ../images/ for my 2012 London Exhibition. Will have to re-think that one!

Note from Ann Jones
Alan has told me that he has recently been invited by David Hempleman-Adams to make a further attempt in October this year.

I am sure that the thoughts and best wishes of all of our members will be with our President Emeritus as we await the news of 'Part 2' of this great adventure.
Alan Cotton: Honorary Professor of Arts, Bath University
Tuesday, August 2 2011
This year the Senate of the University of Bath conferred on Alan Cotton the position of Honorary Professor of Arts. Over the past three years he has had a developing relationship with the University of Bath, advising on the University's new "Centre for the Arts" project and using his extensive contacts to help support the fundraising initiatives associated with it.

Alan's Inaugural Lecture "Alan Cotton - A Sense of Place" Wednesday 2nd November at 6.30pm East Building, University of Bath. Alan will be introduced by the Vice Chancellor, Glynis Breakwell, and will present stories about people and places from his travels, and, with illustrations of his work, show how his paintings are produced.

Academicians are welcome. The lecture is free, but advanced booking from the ICIA Box Office is necessary as there are limited places.
Alan Cotton: Exhibitions
Tuesday August 2, 2011
Alan Cotton is currently exhibiting in the British Impressionists Exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery. This Exhibition continues until 10th September.

He will also be exhibiting at Messum's Fine Art, 8 Cork St, London W1S 3LJ, with paintings from Isle of Skye, Cornwall, Hartland, Italy, Provence and the West Coast of Ireland, from 14th September until 1st October 2011.

Studio Exhibition: Brockhill Studio, Colaton Raleigh, Devon EX10 0LH, 3rd - 5th December 2011, 10am - 5pm each day.
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