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This book is a celebration of the South West Academy of the lives and work of its artists. It is a journey through the amazing, inspiring and always varied art of the academicians. It's also a journey into to their private worlds by way of Michael Carter's photographic portraits of each artist and his personal accounts of visits to their studios. Together with a comprehensive history of its foundation and development over the last fifteen years, this richly-illustrated book offers a complete and vivid picture of the private and public faces of the Academy.

As the title suggests, South West Academy: Art People Place places the Academy within the wider social and artistic context of the region. The South West has long been known and celebrated for its effect on visual artists and that effect is dramatically diverse in the artists of the SWAc. Some add to and broaden the long tradition of representation in landscape. Others create visions of wholly unexpected kinds.

The many beautiful reproductions of each academician's work, Michael Carter's black and white photographs and pen portraits of each artists work, all combined with the story of the Academy's annual Open Exhibitions and its work with schools and young artists, provide a compelling study of the vitality of the artistic community in the South West. Here the reader is able to share both in celebrating the best work of these artists but also in acknowledging the importance of art, and those who make art, in all our lives today.

ART . PEOPLE . PLACE is published by Halsgrove and is available in selected bookstores and also via this website. Please contact us with any questions via the contact page.

Please click on the images below to see selected work from the book (including page layouts).
£26 including all postage and packaging. Please allow five working days for delivery.
Greg Ramsden
Charlie O'Sullivan
(page spread)
Jo Dixon
Kate Aggett
Richard Thorn
Robert Mountjoy
(Page Spread)
Peter Randall Page
Sean Hewitt
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