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Pedantic Babylon Acrylic on Canvas
As a member of both The St Ives Society of Artists, the Plymouth Society of Artists and also an Academician to the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, Sean Hewitt exhibits widely in the South West as well as regularly in London galleries with The United Society of Artists.

His early childhood and formative years were spent in the Mediterranean and Middle East and its easy to see the influence of hot yellows and azure iridescent blues splashed into his work.

Colour is everything. Sensuous, sweeping shapes are punctuated with energetic vibrant colours that dominate the moods and emotions in my paintings. I try to match those early childhood adventures with colour with the emotional and physical elements around me.

Its hard not to notice the massive litter of hundreds of Cd cases around the studio amongst tubes of paint and brushes and the constant stream of music playing in the studio and that the titles of work that foster well chosen lyrics of lines from songs.

Music too plays an integral and essential part of my life and I can't live without it - something is always playing in the background when I am working and naturally that affects the outcome. Essentially my work is an emotional response to the people and places I love. I guess the music is just a hook to hang it on."

Pedantic Babylon
Acrylic on Canvas
No Pony Ride For You
Said Mrs. Honey

Acrylic on Canvas
Let the Earth Bear Witness
Acrylic on Canvas
Rococco Zephyr
Acrylic on Canvas
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