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Gorse, Dartmoor - Mixed Media on Paper
Jane's background is in the creative industries, primarily as a graphic designer (1982 to 2008). Jane has always drawn, painted and made 3D objects, and in 2000 made the decision to pursue her own art seriously. In 2005 she completed her BA (Hons) in Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire, (2:1) and in 2008 her MA in Arts and Ecology at Dartington (Merit). The MA brought her to Devon, from the Home Counties, where she now lives and works.

Jane's work is her personal interpretation of good and bad, joy and sadness, that make up our lives and our world. She uses textures and colour to explore, and arrange, her thoughts. The textures (rough and smooth), the colours (gloomy and bright), aim to communicate her underlying narrative - that life can be tough but also wonderful.

She captures the atmosphere of the big outside by drawing, then distills the experience in her studio and eventually creates her work on paper or canvas, in paint. Most works lean towards abstraction some are more recognizable. She works on several paintings at once, moving between them continually, some are finished very quickly, others take months. She uses a variety of mediums, (oils, water based oils, printing inks and water colours) and a very limited pallet.

Jane draws and paints landscapes and seascapes, and nearly always shows the infinity and peace of the horizon. She is primarily a painter but doesn't limit her creativity to that genre alone. Her work is constantly evolving and changing.

She also teaches self-organized, weekly, local art classes, and individuals.

The quote below echoes Jane's thoughts:

I feel lost in the great big world

Art can be sympathetic to our fear of being lost in a complex world by making a smaller and more contained world that we can explore... The desire to turn dangerous things in to toys isn't trivial. It's a way of taming the world - and it's what art (among other things) does. It domesticates the wildness that might otherwise overwhelm us. By the simple, lovely trick of changing the scale, we make ourselves a bit bigger in relation to our problems.

- Unknown author of quotes at The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 2014

For her audience Jane aims to create challenging and pleasing combinations of colours and marks, space for self reflection and interpretation, and hopefully a little curiosity...

Bluebells, Hound Tor
Oil on canvas
Dartmoor II
Dartmoor IV
Mixed media on paper
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